Dear Victoriana lovers from all over the world, my name is Eve Faulkner. I have a vision to cast to all of you about a wonderful place where women and girls from every walk of life can come to visit that will renew and refresh their desire to be truly a lovely lady.

As you can see we have collected a century of bridal gowns from all over the nation along with pictures and accessories.

I would like to share with you the Vision of establishing a Ladies Museum that will bring to light the diverse contributions that women have passed down thru every generation since time began.

We have begun the vision with the Victorian Bridal Museum. We would like to expand the vision to other exhibits pertaining to women in history, music, education, science and religion.

We envision scenes in history from individual women's lives that have not been acknowledged for their contribution or influence.

This vision can only be accomplished with the support and passion from hundreds of women's hearts who can catch the reality of this dream!

We are now accepting memberships to a new LADIES MUSEUM SOCIETY " 1893 ". The annual membership is $15 dollars a year. We will provide a quarterly newsletter with interesting stories and history on individual pieces in our museum. We will also keep you updated on the progress of our memberships.

Members of the LADIES MUSEUM SOCIETY will receive a complimentary annual pass for admission to the museum.

We encourage ladies to E-MAIL us at or call (951)487-6088, (951)255-4411 (cell).