The Victorian Bridal Museum was filmed for a Warner Brothers' and Julia Roberts made-for-TV move entitled  "Samantha, An American Girl Holiday".  The film which aired Thanksgiving evening has a wonderful Victorian family theme.

There is a scene in the movie of a Victorian wedding so the producers were looking for a Victorian wedding collection to show on the featurette. They found our website and contacted us. 

The Victorian Bridal Museum appears in the Special Feature at the end of the DVD which is available to the general public.  Copies of the DVD may be purchased at several retail locations across the country including Walmart and Target, or online through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and ebay.  You can also visit for more information and to purchase a copy of the DVD.

The goal of along with their books and dolls, is to teach little girls the way it used to be. This is their first DVD about one of their main characters in their 1904 book. Look for more movies in the future.